How Make Money Online

How to Make Money through the Internet

How To Make Money Online

1)      Retail (with products/services in hand):

a.       Selling directly products and services to customers

b.      Ebay

c.       Yahoo Merchant Solutions

2)      Retail (with other people’s products – drop ship):

a.       Amazon

b.      Ebay Niche:

c.       ProStores:






3)      CPA (Cost-per-Action or Pay-per-sales, leads, or sign-ups)

a.       Pay-per-Sale

b.      Pay-per-Lead

c.       Pay-per-Signup

d.      Affiliate Marketing: Generating sales of affiliate products through Affiliate Programs such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale). 

                                                              i.      ClickBank (Pay-per-Sale)

                                                            ii.      Commission Junction (also has Pay-per-Lead and Pay-per-Click)

                                                          iii.      Shareasale (also has Pay-per-Lead and Pay-per-Click)

                                                          iv.      ClickBooth:  (some CPA vendors)

                                                            v.      Amazon Store (Pay-per-Sale)

                                                          vi.      BuildAStore Ebay Niche

1.      Sales can be generated through:

a.       Website Marketing (including search engine ranking and other forms of marketing)

b.      Ezine and related article marketing
(direct to hoplink, or to domain that points to hoplink, or to website)

c.       Forum marketing
(direct to hoplink, or to domain that points to hoplink, or to website)

4)      CPM (Cost-per-Thousand views or Pay-per-Impressions)

a.       XXX

5)      CPC (Cost per Click or Pay-per-Click)

a.       Click Per Action (selling advertising on website):

                                                              i.      Google Adsense

                                                            ii.      [Problogger] AdGenta

                                                          iii.      [Problogger] Blogads

                                                          iv.      [Problogger] Intela (CrispAds)

                                                            v.      [Problogger] DoubleClick

                                                          vi.      [Problogger] Text Link Ads (note the warning later in this section)

                                                        vii.      [Problogger] Vibrant Media (IntelliTXT)

                                                      viii.      ClickBooth: (rejected)

                                                          ix.      Chitika: (Must spend $50K/month but can publish)
(applied but not yet approved)

                                                            x.      Infolinks:

                                                          xi.      Adbrite: (test in process)

                                                        xii.      Clicksor:

                                                      xiii.      Text-Link-Ads:

                                                      xiv. and related (via links)

6)      Buying/Selling Domain Names and Websites (i.e. – Lump Sum Profits strategy using Flippa)




1)      CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM, etc.:

a.     CPM (Cost per Mille/Thousand):
Making money from providing exposure to an advertiser, usually in the form of a banner ad advertising a product, service, or website. 
For example:

                                                              i. (i.e. )





b.      CPA: Cost per Action (sales (i.e. Affiliate Marketing))

            i.      CPS: Cost per Sales

                   1) QuickieProfits: Quick Tricks, Tips & Tactics that Boost Web 

                                                         ii.     CPL: Cost per Lead (visitor fills out a form) (ShareASale)

c.       CPC: PPC (advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their listing and is redirected to their website)(ShareASale)

2)      Hyperlinks:




d.      How to Blog:

3)    Internet Marketing / Generating Website Traffic:

a) PPC (Pay-per-Click) Traffic:


b) Search Engine Optimization (How To SEO / Search Engine Ranking):
How to SEO – An SEO How To

c) How to Cloak a Link

4) Google Resources:

a) Google Analytics

b) Google Webmaster Tools

c) Google Adsense

d) Google Adwords




1)      Amazon Store

2)      Ebay Niche (Buid A Niche Store ClickBank product)

3)      CPA/CPL with Affiliate program that offer CPL:

a.       ShareASale (have active account)

                                                              i.      Tax or Debt Relief

                                                            ii.      Freebies

                                                          iii.      Loan – Finacial

                                                          iv.      SEO/Internet

1. ($5/lead)
SEO via High-Quality Inbound Links

2. ($1.25/lead)
(excellent product)

3. (Gungho)($1/lead)
Free Trial and Good Presentation
Complete SEO Monitoring and Stats (“monitor all of your stats all in one place”)

4. ($.50/lead)
Create an affiliate store for your website in minutes!
(excellent product but seems new)

5. ($1/lead)
Affiliate Program Management
Monetize your blog FREE with!
(excellent product so it seems but I don’t trust it after signing up)

6. ($4/lead)
way too expensive (25k/month) AND oly promotes Adword Copywriters

7. ($30/lead)
Unlimited SEO services
Ridiculously expensive

b.      Clickbooth (Rejected as publisher)

4)      Adsense Alternatives:

a.       Chitika (Must spend > $50K per month)

b.      Admedia (denied)

c.       AdBrite

d.      Bidvertiser

e.       Chitika

f.       Infolinks / Intellilinks

g.      Pocket Cents

h.      Kontera

i.        Clicksor

j.        Exit Junction

k.      Dynamic Oxygen

l.        AdBull


What If?

1)      Find a way to convert Adfly traffic into high-ROI profit like with Adsense (adsense alternatives).

2)      Find a way to convert Adfly traffic into high-ROI profit CPA/CPL (cost per lead programs).

3)      Start selling amazon products within pages.

4)      Sell Winaso (from ShareASale) computer software?

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